Chemotherapy and Hot Flushes

woman who has received chemotherapy treatments

Hot flushes and menopausal symptoms are common while having chemotherapy and we recently received this testimonial from a lovely customer who is successfully using her WrapMeCool to help with these distressing side effects.

WrapMeCool is a fabulous product and provided constant relief throughout my chemo and radiotherapy treatment. I used both the neck scarf and wrap to cool down from hot flushes and gain relief from radiotherapy burns. I would highly recommend the wraps and neck scarves to assist healing and comfort when undergoing cancer treatment.

Menopausal symptoms are a common side effect of chemotherapy and can be temporary or permanent . Other side effects may include: 

~ nausea and vomiting
~ fatigue (tiredness)
~ hair loss
~ diarrhoea or constipation
~ weight gain or weight loss 
~ mouth ulcers and infections
~ skin or nail changes

Information of how to manage side effects can be found here Breast Cancer/Chemotherapy 

Tonina also mentioned that she loved how WrapMeCool made her feel cool but was also discreet, so nobody ever suspected that it was damp!

Are you, or someone you know, also suffering through hot flushes? 
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Measurement and Sizing


WrapMeCool® is designed to be worn over the arms.
Measure as shown in the picture making sure the tape measure is across the bust line and outside the arms.


woman with tape measure across bust
wrap sizing chart
neck scarf sizes

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