Staying Healthy With MS

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WrapMeCool Cooling Scarves

Excerpt from Staying Healthy With MS Blog

If you love traveling or the outdoors, but suffer in the heat, I highly recommend this cooling scarf by WrapMeCool. Mine has been such a saviour while we’ve been in Bali. They’re lightweight and cotton. All you do is wet it and drape around yourself to keep you cool.

woman in bikini top and orange wrapmecool over her lap

Bali with WrapMeCool over my pregnant belly.

I’m currently 19 weeks pregnant and feeling hotter than usual but Bali climbs to 29-30 degrees Celsius most days so it’s pretty balmy.

I’ve been taking mine everywhere with me and it’s been amazing. I don’t know where I’d be without it — especially climbing all the cliff side stairs out here in Bingin. It’s hot work!

I love wrapping mine around my belly, or draping it around my neck, or over my shoulders. Also fantastic wrapped around your head like a turban and for wiping your face and neck as well.

It stays wet for at least an hour if you drench it, but that also depends on how hot the weather is where you are. When it dries just find a tap or carry a drink bottle, wet it some more and keep going - it really is so easy! and it doesn’t take much water either.

… Simonne

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I'm a Believer

To be honest, to begin with, I was a little skeptical about wearing a wet scarf around my neck. But I have to say, after trying many different devices and products to keep cool during a hot flush, this really has surprised me. It has to be the simplest, user friendly item I’ve used.

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a group of men and women standing against a map of the Galpagos wearing WrapMeCools
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We wanted to see the bird with bright blue feet. We were all prepared with our WrapMeCool scarves and wraps to keep us cool in the hot sun and to help us sleep. They were definitely on the packing list.

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Measurement and Sizing


WrapMeCool® is designed to be worn over the arms.
Measure as shown in the picture making sure the tape measure is across the bust line and outside the arms.


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wrap sizing chart
neck scarf sizes

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