Our Story

Is it hot in here, or is it just me…? 

Hello, my name is Jill Church and this is the story of how my friend 
Gwen Roland and I created WrapMeCool®.

Gwen and Jill -- Founders of WrapMeCool

I had been suffering the heat & distress of hot flushes for many years. They would come on with such intensity that my heart pounded and I wanted to live inside the refrigerator! Out of desperation I wet a piece of fabric, wrapped it around myself and was amazed at how it cooled me down.

 I started searching in stores and on-line for a product that was natural, easy to use and stylish (so that I could wear it to work or to social functions) but there was nothing to be found and even fabric stores did not have what I needed. Finally, I found a precious piece of fabric that was the perfect weave of cotton to hold the dampness but not cling to my skin. I used it as a wrap and then expanded my range by cutting off the edge to make a neck scarf. I was happy!

Let’s market it. In 2014 Gwen and I were looking after our friend after major heart surgery. I practically lived in my wrap or neck scarf and every time I used my precious piece of cotton Gwen would remark what a great idea it was and that we should market it! We share a deep desire to help others and were sure that  many other people suffered the effect of too much heat and this would benefit them as well

WrapMeCool was born. The search continued for the perfect fabric and we spent hours getting the design right. We were fortunate enough to find both a fabric supplier and manufacturer in our local area. Setting up our business was a huge learning curve for two chicks whose talents lay in other areas and we are grateful to so many people who helped us. At times it was challenging but the right person or information would always appear at the perfect time and we felt blessed.

Being a Registered Nurse for more than 30 years, I have seen how distressing it is for people experiencing the effects of over-heating caused by Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Lupus and the side effects of chemotherapy. So in the early stages of production we gave WrapMeCool samples to people in our lives who were dealing with these issues. Their reactions were overwhelmingly positive and we are thrilled that our 100% natural Wraps and Neck Scarves kept them cool in a non-medicinal way that allowed them to better enjoy their lives.

Meanwhile stories started emerging about the variety of ways that others were using WrapMeCool. Some were wearing them on the golf course, practising yoga or other sporting activities; parents of young children were using them to keep their little ones cool and allow them to sleep during hot nights (adults mentioned this as well). Many women spoke about how their Wrap or Neck Scarf helped them deal with the hot flushes of menopause - I certainly knew what that was like!

When we first started our journey we didn’t fully realise the positive impact that WrapMeCool would have on so many people of all ages. It is our intention to continue creating this difference in people’s lives.

Measurement and Sizing


WrapMeCool® is designed to be worn over the arms.
Measure as shown in the picture making sure the tape measure is across the bust line and outside the arms.


woman with tape measure across bust
wrap sizing chart
neck scarf sizes

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